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Janessa Rhymer

Assistant Coordinator

Board Members

Alan Hohlt
Brad Rommelman
Ryan Wiedwilt
Jay Schubert
Brian Fletcher
Matt Bierman
Dave Reynolds
Jack Boczek
Gene Howe
John Felchlia

Apply for an Address:

  1. Must apply for a building permit from either City/Village or County Zoning. If agriculture exempt – no fee.
  2. At the time you apply for a building permit or when building permit is approved, you will be given an “Address Application”.
  3. Fill the application out and return it to the Zoning Office or send/fax/bring to the 911 Office. Be sure you have included the tax number of property needing address, street/road to which property is being addressed and a site drawing; showing direction which road/street runs, distance in feet from nearest existing address to structure, or from road/street intersection, property line etc. All measurements run parallel with the street/road.
  4. Include your name, address and phone number. Your address will be scaled off and you will be contacted by phone and mail within a few days after the 911 Office receives your application.