With thousands of separate pieces of legislation to consider every year, legislators at Springfield and Washington need the opinion, advice and specialized knowledge of their constituents to guide them. It is impossible for any legislator to have a detailed knowledge of the technicalities of every bill on which he must vote. This means that the legislator welcomes your letters, even if you oppose a bill, because you are providing him with knowledge he needs to make a decision.


When writing your elected Representative – there are several suggestions which you may want to keep in mind:

    1. Because every legislator considers a large number of bills on a wide range of subject matter, the first essential ingredients of an effective letter to a legislator is a specific reference to the particular bill which interests you. Refer to the bill by its official designation such as H.478 (for House Bills) or S.478 (for Senate Bills).
    2. The second important element is a brief description of the bill’s provisions which concern you, and an explanation of the effect which these provisions will have on your company or your employment. This informs the legislator of your interest in the bill, and clarifies the practical effects of the legislation as you see it.
    3. The third element of an effective letter is your advice to your legislator as to how, in your opinion, he/she should cast his vote.