(618) 327-8247 (ext. 3)

245 N Kaskaskia St.
Nashville, IL 62263



Len Campbell

Drew Bauer
Chief Deputy

Mary Wilke
Administrative Assistant


Sgt Charles Carroll
Sgt Cindy Meyer
Cpl. Eben Lisk
Adam Hall
Andrew Howard
Chase Harrison
Brian Buss
Drew Knope
Robert Brittingham
Stephen Lemons

Part-Time Deputy

Gene Rowell
Dean Darnall


Application Information and Instructions

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer. We seek qualified applicants to fill vacancies. Please read this information before completing the application.

Application Process

Applicants must complete the Washington County Sheriff’s Office application [PDF] and return it to the Sheriff’s Office or email to application@washingtonco.illinois.gov

Current openings: None

All sections of the application must be completed and must include the position(s) for which you are applying. Applications are accepted and retained for one year. Any changes or updates to the applications require the applicant to submit a new application.